Submissions are expected to comply with the following guidelines.
Title: Title should be descriptive, relevant to the content, and written in 11 point boldfacetype.
Author(s) name(s) and address(es): The title of the submission must not contain the name, title, institution and email of the author. Since the system administrator is able to view author names, these will be added to the paper by the editor. Please make sure that the submission contains no personally identifiable information about the author. This is necessary for the referees to act in total freedom.
Abstract: Abstracts between 200 to 250 words, written both in English and Turkish, must be provided before the beginning of the paper to briefly summarize the content. Three to five descriptive keywords must be provided after one blank line beneath the abstract. Abstracts must be written single-spaced, with 9 point typeface, and indented 1 cm from right and left.
Main Body: Body must be in A4 format (29,7×21 cm.), typed in Microsoft Word or similar software with 10 point Georgia typeface, with full line spacing and 12-point spacing before and after. Pages must have 2.5 cm margins on both sides and must not contain page numbering. The body of the submission, excluding abstract and bibliography, must be between 5 to 30 page. Paragraphs should not be indented.
Footnotes: Must be single-spaced and written with 8-point typeface.
Chapters: Papers may be organized into chapters and subheadings for convenience, and these may be numbered if necessary.
Tables and Figures: Tables must contain a title and a number, and placed relevantly within the body text. Figures must be suitable for color printing. Figure numbers and titles must be immediately below the figure and centered.
Images: Images must be high-resolution, scanned at print quality, and placed relevantly within the body text. Images are subject to the same title conventions as figures.
Quotations and Citations: All papers must follow the citation and reference guidelines below. Incompliant submissions will be returned to their authors for correction. Quotations in the body text that are more than a few sentences long must be indented 1 cm. from left and right:
Sources used in papers must be cited as follows in the BIBLIOGRAPHY section to follow the body text:
The BIBLIOGRAPHY section at the end of the body text must list the sources in alphabetical order of authors’ surnames. Entries must have hanging indent (Paragraph-Indents and Spacing-Indentation-Special-Hanging Indent). Although there are bibliographies in different writing systems, the bibliography with Latin writing system is requested.
Refer to the APA style manual for citation and bibliography. (
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